Saudi Arabia - Jewellery Briefing
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di Arabia is the largest jewellery manufacturer in the Middle East using annually about 140 tonnes (4.5 million oz) of gold, much of it from recycled gold, as ornaments are regularly traded in for new items. Manufacturing was originally fragmented but has now consolidated around 10 to 15 larger companies situated mostly in and around Jeddah, Riyadh and Damman, which these days focus on better design and quality. Production is mainly in 21 carat, with some 18 carat which is often studded with cubic zirconia.

Main Saudi buying seasons are at Ramadan and the Haj
(Credit: Timothy Green)

Pamp-made Saudi and Mecca pendants (Credit: courtesy PAMP S.A.)

Saudi Arabian shops sell mainly traditional, plain
gold investment jewellery with low margins

(Credit: Timothy Green)