Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux, PAMP S.A., was founded in 1977 in Chiasso, Switzerland. It operates one of the world's largest and most modern refineries. This high technology refinery, which meets the strictest Swiss environmental requirements, provides a vertically integrated service in precious metals from pick-up of doré at the mine, through assaying, hedging and delivery of bars throughout the world.

PAMP produces the largest selection of bullion bars in the world, and offers a full range from 12.5 kilogram large bars to 1 gram bars. In particular, PAMP dominates the world market for gold bars weighing less than 50 grams, including the distinctive Fortuna which did much to widen the vogue for small ingots. PAMP bars are acceptable as good delivery by the Swiss National Bank, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), COMEX in New York and TOCOM in Tokyo. PAMP is affiliated to MKS Finance SA.

Località Gorla
6874 Castel San Pietro

Tel.    +41 91 695 0450
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Telex  842 079 PAMP CH