Mocatta was founded in 1671 by Moses Mocatta, first sent gold to India in 1676, and became broker to the Bank of England and the East India Company in the 18th century. The firm became Mocatta Goldsmid in 1779 and was always run by a Mocatta or a Goldsmid until 1957 when the family firm was acquired by Hambros Bank. In 1973 Standard Chartered Bank took over the controlling interest, which was sold to Bank of Nova Scotia in 1997.

Scotia-Mocatta is the global bullion banking division of the Bank of Nova Scotia, formed in 1997 by the bank's acquisition of Mocatta Bullion from Standard Chartered Bank in London. Mocatta itself dates back to 1671 as the oldest member of the London market.
Scotia-Mocatta is a London fixing member.

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